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Repair Cracks Gashes in Drywall

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Repair Cracks Gashes in Drywall

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Fixing physical damage to drywall is fairly straightforward, and you’ll find many drywall repair products available for sale in hardware stores and online. But most damage can be patched with just a small piece of drywall, some finishing supplies, and a bit of spackle and paint.Use joint tape anywhere the drywall’s face paper or joint tape has torn or peeled away. always cut away any loose drywall material, face paper or joint tape from the damaged area, trimming back to solid drywall material. All drywall repairs require three coats of joint compound, just as in new installations. lightly sand your repairs before painting or adding texture.

How to Repair Cracks + Gashes in Drywall

  1. HI0511_213A

    Use a utility knife to cut away loose drywall or face paper and widen the crack into a “V”; the notch will help hold the joint compound.

  2. HI0511_213B

    If the drywall moves, secure the panel with 11⁄4" drywall screws driven into the nearest framing members. Cover the crack and screws with self-adhesive mesh tape.

  3. HI0511_213C

    Cover the tape with compound, lightly forcing it into the mesh, then smooth it off, leaving just enough to conceal the tape. Add two more coats, in successively broader and thinner coats to blend the patch into the surrounding area.

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    For cracks at corners or ceilings, cut through the existing seam and cut away any loose drywall material or tape, then apply a new length of tape or inside-corner bead and two coats of joint compound.

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    For small cracks at corners, apply a thin bead of paintable latex or silicone caulk over the crack, then use your finger to smooth the caulk into the corner.

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