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Copper Bamboo Garden Border

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Copper Bamboo Garden Border

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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 120 Projects

A touch of copper wire adds interest and whimsy to  bamboo garden edging. Want to call attention to your favorite flowers or set aside a section of your garden for herbs or exotic tropicals? Adding a support structure is one dramatic way to define a garden space. This project combines the natural beauty and structure of bamboo with the flowing accent of copper. As a three-part folding form, it can be shaped in a variety of ways: as a triangle, as a zigzag or as a straight edge border. Whichever form you choose, the beauty of bamboo and the rich color of copper will create a design reward in your garden.

You can create any design you wish, but we have used a large, spiral cee-shaped scroll hooked over itself, and a small loop-the-loop to help hold it in place. Heights for edging can vary depending on the height of featured plants. An herb garden edging would be a smaller height than an edging for taller perennial plants. Our example is for middle range plants.

How to Make a Copper Bamboo Border

  1. HI0531_09_01

    Divide the bamboo supports into three groups of three. Work one section of three supports at one time to form three separate panels. Measure 23" from the top of the center hoop and mark both sides of the hoop with a marker. Mark the other two hoops at 18". Use the tubing cutter to cut the bamboo to the desired height.

  2. HI0531_09_02

    To hold the legs of the hoops parallel, cut a length of 14-gauge wire about 8" longer than the width of the hoop. Wrap one end of the wire tightly around one hoop leg, about 5" from the bottom of the leg. Pull the hoop legs parallel, if necessary, and wrap the other end of the wire around the second leg.

  3. HI0531_09_03

    Line up the three hoops with the tallest hoop in the middle. Cut four pieces of 16-gauge wire to 14". Make the hinges to join each section by wrapping the wire around one hoop leg twice, then around both of the legs. Use a pliers to flatten the wire ends against the bamboo. Repeat to form two hinges on each side.

  4. HI0531_09_04

    To make the cee-shaped scroll spiral, cut a length of 14-gauge wire that is six times the length of the space between the hoop legs. Mark it to divide it into 2⁄3 and 1⁄3 sections. Wrap the 2⁄3 section around a 11⁄2" dowel or pipe. Remove from the form. Wrap the 1⁄3 section around the same form, but in the opposite direction to create a C scroll.

    Use a pliers to twist the wire ends into slightly smaller circles. Gently expand the remaining circles to form a C scroll that fits inside the hoop. Create matching or slightly different scrolls for the remaining two hoops. Loop the smaller side of the scroll over the larger side so they interlock. Position the scrolls within the hoops and attach to the hoops by wrapping with 12" of 22-gauge wire.

  5. HI0531_09_05

    Cut a length of 16-gauge wire that is about twice as long as the space between the hoop legs. Wrap the middle of the wire around a 2" dowel or pipe. Remove from the pipe and crimp the circle to give it a peaked top. Loop this circle around the lower edge of the cee-scroll. Wrap the wire ends around the hoop legs. Cut off excess wire if necessary.

  6. HI053109A

    Construct the next two bamboo sections as the first section. Join the three panels together with hinges if desired. Install in the garden and enjoy.

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