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Wall Mount a TV

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Whether you’re a movie fanatic or just want to watch your favorite TV shows with the best sound and picture quality possible, a well-appointed home theater makes watching—and  listening to—any presentation an amazing indulgence of the senses. Home theater systems and technology continue to evolve, even as prices on home electronics become ever more reasonable. As a general rule of thumb, the TV screen should be positioned at a distance equal to three times the width of the screen from the seated viewer. However, different TV manufacturers recommend different formulas for placement based on the screen type and optimum viewing angles. Follow the recommendations of your TV’s manufacturer. The most common mistake homeowners make in positioning their home-theater components—both TVs and speakers—is positioning them too high. The center of your TV should be at eye level for a seated viewer, while speakers should ideally be positioned as close as possible to ear level.

How to Wall Mount a Flat Panel TV

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    Check that the appropriate hardware has been included with your TV mount. Pry off any plastic caps covering the mounting screw holes in the back of the TV. Lay the TV face down on a soft, cloth-covered surface and screw the mounting bracket to the back of the TV. Be careful not to overtighten the screws. Remove the TV’s base and lay the unit on its back in a safe location.

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    Locate the studs for the wall mount using a studfinder, and mark the stud centers. If you planning on running in-wall cable to the back of the TV, use your studfinder (if it’s capable) to check for any plumbing or electrical in the wall cavity.

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    Measure up from the floor and mark for the bottom edge of the wall mount at the stud locations. The center of the TV should be located at the eye level of someone seated across from the TV—usually 40” to 42” from the floor. Use a level to draw a guideline for the bottom of the mount.

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    Position the wall-mount plate, check for level with a torpedo level, and mark the screw holes. Drill pilot holes for the mounting screws. Screw the mounting plate into the wall studs, using the supplied fasteners

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    Hook up all cables and slide the TV brackets into the wall mount. Although you can buy wall-mount brackets that allow for multi-angle positioning, those won’t be necessary in most basements. Look for a basic, non-tilting mounting bracket that is low-profile, sturdy, relatively easy to install, and inexpensive.