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Repairing Metal Gutters

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Repairing Metal Gutters

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Gutters perform the important task of channeling water away from your house. A good gutter system prevents damage to your siding, foundation, and landscaping, and it helps prevent water from leaking into your basement. When gutters fail, evaluate the type and extent of damage to select the best repair method. Clean your gutters and downspouts as often as necessary to keep the system working efficiently.

How to Replace a Section of Metal Gutter

  1. RN615 C13F

    Remove gutter hangers in and near the damaged area. Insert wood spacers in the gutter near each hanger before prying.

    TIP: If the damaged area is more than 2 ft. long, replace the entire section with new material.

  2. RN615 C13G

    Slip spacers between the gutter and fascia near each end of the damaged area, so you won’t damage the roof when cutting the gutter. Cut out the damaged section using a hacksaw.

  3. RN615 C13H

    Cut a new gutter section at least 4" longer than the damaged section.

  4. RN615 C13I

    Clean the cut ends of the old gutter using a wire brush. Caulk the ends, then center the gutter patch over the cutout area and press into the caulk.

  5. RN615 C13J

    Secure the gutter patch with pop rivets or sheet-metal screws. Use at least three fasteners at each joint. On the inside surfaces of the gutter, caulk over the heads of the fasteners.

  6. RN615 C13K

    If necessary, use new hangers but don’t use old holes. Prime and paint the patch to match the existing gutter.

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