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Repair Metal Corner Bead in Drywall

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Repair Metal Corner Bead in Drywall

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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 120 Projects

Most drywall problems can be remedied with basic dry wall materials and specialty materials: drywall screws; paper joint tape; self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape; corner bead; all-purpose joint compound; drywall repair patches; scraps of drywall; and drywall repair clips.


To repair a popped nail, drive a drywall screw 2" above or below the nail, so it pulls the panel tight to the framing. Scrape away loose paint or compound, then drive the popped nail
1⁄16" below the surface. Apply three coats of joint compound to cover the holes.

How to Repair Metal Corner Bead

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    Secure the bead above and below the damaged area with 1 1⁄4" drywall screws. To remove the damaged section, cut through the spine and then the flanges using a hacksaw held parallel to the floor. Remove the damaged section, and scrape away any loose drywall and compound.

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    Cut a new corner bead to fit the opening exactly, then align the spine perfectly with the existing piece and secure with drywall screws driven 1⁄4" from the flange edge; alternate sides with each screw to keep the piece straight.

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    File the seams with a fine metal file to ensure a smooth transition between pieces. If you can’t easily smooth the seams, cut a new replacement piece and start over. Hide the repair  with three coats of drywall compound.