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Painting Taped Off Designs

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Painting Taped Off Designs

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Simple techniques using painter’s masking tape can help you create stripes and geometric designs of all kinds. Select a professional-quality tape that prevents paint seepage and can be removed easily without damaging the base coat. For best results, apply the paint in light coats, but be careful not to thin the paint too much. Alternating colors produce striking results; so does alternating between flat paint and a gloss finish. Whatever type of design you choose, measure the room and plan the pattern so it works out evenly around the room.

A laser level makes applying tape for the stripes practically foolproof. If you plan on doing a large project or several taped-off designs throughout your home, consider purchasing one.

How to Paint a Striped Design

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    Apply a base coat in the desired color. Allow the paint to dry completely.

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    Mark light plumb lines for the first stripe, using a pencil and a carpenter’s level. Apply painter’s masking tape along the lines, and press the edges firmly to ensure a good bond.

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    Measure from the first stripe, and draw parallel lines for the remaining stripes of the first color. Use the level to plumb each line. Apply the masking tape. Paint the stripes, using a paint‑brush, small roller, or sponge applicator. Allow the paint to dry.

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    Remove the masking tape from the painted stripes. Repeat the process for any additional colors.

  5. Painting Taped Off Designs

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