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Mowing Lawn Patterns

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Mowing Lawn Patterns

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Mowing patterns in your lawn is a simple way to add an interesting graphic element to your landscape. A basic design such as stripes in two directions is a good way to get acquainted with what it will take to create a more complicated pattern. Although they aren’t difficult to achieve, take your time; the most successful patterns require a certain amount of precision. 

Once you’ve done a basic stripe pattern, you can graduate to increasingly complex designs, such as a checkerboard or diagonal diamond pattern. Regardless of the pattern, the idea is the same: mow in the directions for the pattern you’re trying to create, then roll the lawn in the same directions to bend the grass blades in that direction.

If the pattern goes horribly wrong, you can always roll the entire lawn in one direction to essentially “erase” your attempt. But no matter what pattern you use, or how it turns out, do not repeat the same pattern every time you mow or you’ll damage the health of your grass.

How to Mow Patterns In Your Lawn

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    Mow as straight as possible. If your mower is self-propelled, control the direction carefully. Mow in the direction you'll be viewing the lawn, usually the width of the lawn.

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    At the end of each row, lift the front wheels up and carefully turn the mower around so that the outside wheels are aligned with the inside wheel strip from the previous row. Make a return pass in the opposite direction, keeping the wheels aligned carefully.

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    When you're done, roll each row with a drum roller in the same direction the row was mowed.

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    To create a checkerboard pattern, complete all of your parallel rows and then repeat the process by cutting parallel rows that are perpendicular to the first passes. Roll the new rows in the same direction as they were cut.

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