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Mosaic Address Marker

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Mosaic Address Marker

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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 120 Projects

Broken tile and broken china combine beautifully for mosaics of all sorts. here they’re put to work on an address marker, a quick and easy project and a good way to use leftover tile.

Cut the base material for the marker in the shape shown here or create your own. No matter what shape you choose, use exterior-grade plywood and seal the grout after it has cured according to the manufacturer’s directions. With those precautions, your address marker will remain attractive for many years.

Address Marker Dimensions

How to Make a Mosaic Address Marker

  1. 159HG0203209A

    Trace the pattern onto plywood and cut it out using a jigsaw. Apply a coat of wood sealer and let it dry. Mark the center and draw parallel placement lines on the plywood, then plan the placement of the numbers. Trace the numbers onto the plywood, then draw a 11⁄4" border around the outside edge.

  2. 159HG0203209C

    Use a rotary tool and a grinding disc to polish away the ridge on the back of each plate. One at a time, place the plates in a heavy paper bag and roll the top closed. Rap the bag with a rubber mallet to break the plate. Wear safety goggles. Break the tiles in the same manner.

  3. 159HG0203209D

    Lay out the pieces within the number outlines, using tile nippers to reshape pieces as necessary. Use hot glue or silicone caulk to secure the tile to the plywood. Fill in the background with pieces of china.

  4. 159HG0203209E

    Grout the tile, let it dry thoroughly, and seal the grout with grout sealer. Attach two slot hangers to the back of the mosaic.