How to Use Drywall Anchors

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How to Use Drywall Anchors

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If you don’t have a solid wood stud to mount a screw, consider using drywall anchors. Drywall provides a solid, versatile surface that’s fairly easy to work with. With the right drywall anchors, it can actually hold a surprising amount of weight.

How to Use Dry Wall Anchors

  1. step1

    Be sure to select the right anchors for the job. When purchasing drywall anchors, carefully read packaging, checking that the weight rating can handle the weight of what you’ll be hanging.

  2. step2

    While some drywall anchors don’t list this step, we recommend always pre-drilling holes before installing your anchors. This will ensure your anchor goes smoothly into your drywall.

    When pre-drilling, be sure to pre-drill your hole with a bit smaller than your anchor. If your anchor is self-drilling, you can skip this step.

  3. step3

    Install the anchor as instructed on the packaging. Apply enough pressure so the anchor goes completely into the drywall. Drill until the lip of the anchor is flush with the wall.

  4. step4

    Drill the screw into the anchor. As you do this, the anchor will expand behind the wall, giving you extra support for the object you’re hanging.

  5. step5

    Carefully hang the item on your wall as instructed.

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