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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 125 Projects

The MagicBand display is a great looking project for a novice DIYer to prominently display a collection of MagicBands. And it features Mickey Mouse! All of the materials listed below are easy to find at any home improvement center.

  1. MB_Stp2_Cut_01

    Use the circular saw to size down material as noted in the cut list above.

  2. MB_Stp3_Mark_01

    Draw a center line on the inside of the two verticals, from top to bottom. Starting at the bottom, mark a point at 5-3/8". Then mark another point at 5-3/8" from the top.

    Use the drill and Forstener bit to drill a 3/4" hole at the two marks on your center line. Drill halfway through the sides.

  3. MB_Stp5_Sand_02

    Use the sander to sand smooth all the parts before assembly.

  4. MB_Stp6_Glue_02

    Using a 1/8" drill bit, pre-drill two pilot holes on the top and bottom of oboth vertical pieces. (About 1" in from the sides). These pilot holes will receive the wood screws that fasten the verticals to the top and bottom.

    Glue and assemble one vertical piece to the top and to the bottom. Use wood screws to fasten them together.

    Loose-fit the dowels into the Forstener holes and glue and assemble the second vertical piece to the top and bottom. Use wood screws to fasten them together.

  5. MB_Stp7_Ears_04

    Remove the clamps after the glue is dry.

    Using the jig saw, cut two circles from the 1/2" plywood 3" or 4" in diameter. Place them each on the face of the display case at the top corners. Use a pencil to trace the corners of the display case, transferring the lines on the 1/2" plywood. These pencil lines will allow you to cut a notch in each ear. Use the jig saw to cut out the corners. Use wood glue to place the ears, with the notched corners, anywhere on top of the display case.

  6. MB_Stp8_Paint_06

    Use the white spray paint to prime the whole piece.

    After the white paint is dry, use low-tack masking tape to mask off the dowels.

    Next, mark 4" up from the bottom of the piece. Then mark 9-1/2" up from the bottom of the piece. Do this on both sides. In between these two marks, you will use the red spray paint, but not until you first spray the bottom 4" with yellow spray paint, and the top section and ears with black spray paint.

    Use masking tape to mask off the area that will be painted red. Once that is done, you can proceed with painting the areas designated for yellow and black.

    Once the yellow and black are thoroughly dry, you can remove the area that was masked off for red. In order to get a clean separation of colors, mask off the yellow and black areas to prevent them from getting any red sprayed on them.

    Next step is to paint the middle section red. Allow this color the appropriate amount of time to dry.

    Finally you can remove the masking tape around the two 3/4" dowels.

    Your Mickey Mouse-themed display is ready for your MagicBands!