Animal Kingdom Birdhouse

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Animal Kingdom Birdhouse

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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 125 Projects

Inspired by Disney's Animal Kingdom® theme park, this fun and easy Birdhouse DIY project is a perfect way to spend an afternoon with your kids. This project can take little time and cost little money. And the Animal Kingdom inspired color scheme with the tiger- and zebra-print Mickey Mouse shape head can blend it right in to any tree.

How to Make a Disney Inspired Birdhouse

  1. BH_Stp2_Cut_02

    Using the circular saw and jig saw, cut all of your stock to the dimensions noted in the cut list above.

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  2. BH_Stp3_Mrk_01

    Begin by laying out the cut marks on the front and back pieces. Mark a center line from top to bottom. Then another center line from side to side.

    Draw a line from the center point at the left to the center point at the top. This will give you the diagonal cut line for the roof. Do the same on both pieces.

    Use the jig saw, cut the front and back pieces along the diagonal layout lines.

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  3. BH_Stp5_Drill_02

    Using the 1-1/2" Forstener bit, drill a hole through the front piece. Locate the hole slightly below the center mark of the piece.

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  4. BH_Stp7_Glue_02

    Using wood glue and C-clamps, glue the two side pieces to the front and back. Use the C-clamps to provide pressure while the glue drives. (If you want more fastening support, use a hammer and 1-1/2" finish nails to assemble the pieces.)

    Bevel the ends of the top pieces and glue them together and set them aside.

    Glue and clamp the bottom piece to the inside of the sides and front and back.

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  5. BH_Stp7_Glue_03

    Use 120 grit sandpaper and your sander to smooth out the surfaces and round over the sharp edges.

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  6. BH_Stp8_Paint_01

    Try a Disney's Animal Kingdom® theme park theme and paint the four sides and bottom of the birdhouse with brown spray paint.

    Then paint the top of the birdhouse using the green spray paint. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on safety procedures and dry-time.

    Once the spray paint is dry, you can glue the top of the birdhouse to the four walls of the birdhouse.

    See the attached link to an image of a Mickey Mouse icon replica. A quick way to transfer the shape of the Mickey Mouse icon to the birdhouse top is to print out the image and cut out a stencil. Then use the stencil to trace the shape of the Mickey Mouse icon. Once the shape is traced, use the tubes of paint to fill in the zebra pattern on one side of the birdhouse and the tiger pattern on the other.

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  7. BH_Stp9_Hook_01

    Use the drill to screw in one eye hook at the center of the roof to hang the birdhouse from a branch.