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Create a Family Friendly Garage Space

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Charles and Hudson Expert Blogger 1 Projects

As children grow, so does their need for gear, including sports equipment, bicycles, camping supplies and toys.

Closets can only handle so much, and garage spaces have become a catch-all for anything that doesn't fit inside a home. Instead of piling all of this gear in a corner or on shelves, there are ways to keep your lacrosse gear, bikes and art supplies as organized in your garage, as you would in your home.

Here are some tips for gaining back your garage and providing a safe and easy-to-use storage space that’s suitable for anything your family can throw at it.

  1. Take Inventory

    Before you begin organizing your garage, you need to take inventory of everything that you have and label them: trash, donate, keep. This way you’ll only be organizing the items that are essential and you won’t need to rummage through everything later.
  2. Clean the Floor

    Once you’ve identified all of the gear you need to store, the next step is to prepare your garage for storage. Start with the floors and use a 20V MAX* Sweeper Vac to remove debris. Make sure you vacuum around baseboards and inside cabinets. You don’t want any spiders living where small hands will go reaching for bats or balls.cleanfloor
  3. Install Storage

    Everyone’s storage needs will differ depending on what they have but we prefer a mix of short and tall storage cabinets, which gives us the most versatility for storing items. From hockey sticks to cans of paint, these items should also be securely stowed so they don’t cause accidents (from tripping) and they can be easily accessed for the next game or project. We like the pairing of this tall cabinet space, which has 5 shelves (3 adjustable) and this durable cabinet which includes a usable work
  4. Move-In

    It’s best to make the “move-in” process a family affair. This will help alleviate any worry of who-put-what-where, as everyone will know where everything goes. It’s important to also remember to put items back where they belong so that the next person who needs it will be able to find it quickly without