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Countertop Wine Rack

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Countertop Wine Rack

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Large wine racks have their places; so do smaller ones. You may want to showcase certain bottles or simply have them close at hand during a party or wine tasting. The rack shown in this project holds eight bottles and would make a nice gift for a new collector or even a noncollector who just likes to have a few bottles of wine at the ready.

We used clear birch for the rack, but any finish‑grade, surface-planed hardwood will work just as well. And although we used a finish with a stain, you may choose to stain the wood first or even paint the rack. This is a matter of pure preference.

When building this rack, use regular carpenter’s glue rather than the high-strength type. The regular type has a longer open time, which you’ll probably need to get the entire rack assembled. If glue oozes out around the holes, wipe it off with a damp paper towel right away.

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How to Build a Countertop Wine Rack

  1. 156HI0546WINErack01

    Prepare stock as necessary for milling (we are using premilled 1 x 10 and 1 x 6 birch here—actual size is 3⁄4" thick and 9 1⁄4" wide and 5 1⁄2" wide). Cut the 1 x 10 board into two pieces, each 10 3⁄4" long. Cut the 1 x 6 into two pieces, each 20 1⁄2" long.

  2. 156HI0546WINErack02

    Transfer a rack pattern onto your 1 x 6 wood stock, using transfer paper and a stylus or hard pencil. Drill a 1⁄4" hole near the edge of each circle, then slip the jigsaw blade into the hole and cut along marked lines to cut out the circles.

  3. 156HI0546WINErack03

    Rip-cut each rack piece along the marked line from the pattern, using a circular saw and straightedge guide or a table saw.

  4. 156HI0546WINErack04

    Transfer the side pattern onto each piece of 1 x 10. Mark the screw locations (see Figure 2) and cut along marked lines, using a jigsaw.

  5. 157HI0546WINErack05

    Use a router and a 1⁄4" roundover bit to shape the edges of the panels (except the bottoms of the feet) and the edges of the racks (but not the ends). Sand the faces and edges of all the pieces.

  6. 157HI0546WINErack06

    Place end panels face-up on a workbench. Drill 3⁄8" countersunk pilot holes at marked screw locations. Spread glue on the ends of the rack pieces, assemble the pieces, and clamp the assembly together, using bar or pipe clamps.

  7. 157HI0546WINErack07

    Drive screws through the pilot holes in the panels and into the rack pieces. Spread glue on the ends of 3⁄8" dowel plugs or buttons and insert one into each screw hole to conceal the screw heads. Trim and sand the plugs flush after the glue dries.

  8. 157HI0546WINErack08

    When the glue is dry, sand the entire unit with a fine-grit sanding sponge and apply two coats of a finish of your choice.