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DIY Compost Bin

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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 120 Projects

Composting yard debris is an increasingly popular practice that makes good environmental sense. Composting is the process of converting organic waste into rich fertilizer for the soil, usually in a compost bin. A well-designed compost bin has a few key features. It’s big enough to contain the organic material as it decomposes. It allows cross-flow of air to speed the process. And the bin area is easy to reach whether you’re adding waste, turning the compost, or removing the composted material. This compost bin has all these features, plus one additional benefit not shared by most compost bins: it’s very attractive.

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Compost Bin


  1. yg76a

    Fasten the cleats between the rails to construct the panel frames.

  2. yg76b

    Attach a slat at each end of the panel frame so the outer edges of the slats are flush with the outer edges of the frame.

  3. yg77a

    Continue to attach slats. The inner slats should be 1½" apart, with the ends 4" below the bottom of the frame.

  4. yg77b

    Stand the posts and panels upright, and fasten the panels to the posts by driving screws through the cleats.

  5. yg77cAttach exterior-rated hinges to the end panel frame and then fasten them to the post. Add a latch on the other side of the hinged panel.