Thanksgiving Prep

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Thanksgiving Prep

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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 120 Projects

You know that holiday stress that can take over at Thanksgiving? Well, it often has less to do with making pies than it does with all the other things already on your plate. That’s why this is the perfect time of year to dramatically simplify everyday tasks like yardwork, cleaning and organizing the house.

  1. Raking and bagging fallen leaves may feel nostalgic, but the 3in1 VACPACK™  leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher will turn the job from an all-day workout to a no-sweat morning.

  2. From snack crumbs to pet hair, messes around your house crop up continually. Keep a dustbuster® hand vacuum on every level of your home to make cleanups quick and easy between full cleanings.

  3. Dressing, cranberry sauce, and many casseroles can be assembled and frozen ahead of time. But don’t just prep for the big dinner. A few hearty breakfast sandwiches and a big batch of chili in the freezer will make feeding pre-holiday guests a breeze. Now might be the time to do a holiday-minded inventory of your kitchen equipment, too.

  4. Just like savvy cooks prep ahead, so do savvy hosts. Set up the guest room well ahead of time; make the beds, inflate air mattresses, replace worn towels, and quickly scrub the guest bath, (then hang a ‘do not enter’ sign on the door). You’ll have peace of mind and won’t have to scramble the day before company arrives.

  5. A beautiful wreath on the front door. Scented candles on the mantle. Festive pillows on the sofa. Those little touches will not only make you feel good about how your home looks for the holidays, they’ll also create small moments for you to enjoy the beauty and meaning of the season.