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Life gets crazy, and it can be difficult to keep up with routine cleaning around the house. That's why a BLACK+DECKER® Robotic Vacuum is the perfect addition to your household.

A Robotic Vacuum will help you keep up by taking the vacuuming off of your to-do list.

Consider these 5 tips to get the most out of your new cleaning partner:

1. Name your robot


Bringing a BLACK+DECKER Robotic Vacuum into your home is like gaining the best roommate you'll ever have. Welcome your vacuum by giving it a name in the BLACK+DECKER mobile app. Some models allow you to change the color of the lighted cover. Choose a look that matches your mood or the decor.

2. Let your robot do its own thing


The BLACK+DECKER Robotic Vacuum cleans in a random pattern to maximize its cleaning efficiency. Just let it roam about and trust that your robot is hard at work keeping the place clean. Our best advice: go do something fun while the Robotic Vacuum handles the chore.

3. Schedule cleaning times


Use the scheduling function to have your Robotic Vacuum clean at the times that work with your schedule. Set it to start after everybody leaves the house in the morning so that you come home to a clean floor later in the day.

4. Give your robot the night shift


Go to bed and let your Robotic Vacuum do the cleaning while you sleep. You'll wake up to a clean floor and with one chore taken off of your list for the day.

5. Clear a path for your Robotic Vacuum


The Robotic Vacuum is great at cleaning floors, but doesn't have the arms for moving your stuff. Take a few moments to make some space for your robot by setting things like hampers and waste baskets out of the way. Also remember to pick up items like small toys, shaggy rugs, and curtain cords before your robot goes to work.

See what robotic vacuums BLACK+DECKER offers here.

Give yourself the gift of more time by bringing home a BLACK+DECKER Robotic Vacuum. You'll soon be amazed how keeping up just got easier™.