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Personalized Lighted Centerpiece

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You’ll need: wood boards to create a box of any size, a print out of any word that is meaningful to you, a drill, glue, clamps, a white ink pen, a ballpoint pen or pencil and tea light votives.

The beauty of this project is that you can use just about any type of wood you have laying around.  In my case I had some extra wood boards laying around from a pallet I had dismantled for another project.

Once I had decided how large I wanted my box to be, I cut the boards to size.  They were bowed and the cuts were rough but I was going for a rustic look so that suited me fine.  If you wanted something more modern or sleek, simply use straight boards and make more exact cuts.

Using a graphic program, I printed the word “NOEL” using a favorite font and added dots within the letters to use as a guide.  Then I taped the print out to the board that would be facing out.  I traced the outline of the letters with a ballpoint pen so the outline would make a faint impression on the wood so I could trace it later.

Then using my BLACK+DECKER Autosense drill, I drilled a hole at each mark on the template. After removing the template, I lightly sanded the front and back to remove any excess sawdust or splinters. Then using a white ink pen, I drew the outline of the letters I had traced earlier.

Using wood glue and clamps, I pieced the box together. Once it had fully cured, I added a few votives inside and let it glow.  The light from inside the box shines beautifully from inside and the whole project cost me nothing but some extra materials I had laying around.

This project is so easy to create and can be customized in so many ways, I’ll definitely be making more.

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