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Holiday Projects

Get House Ready for Holidays

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Are you stressing about getting ready for the holidays? Cleaning, cooking and getting our home ready for guests is a fairly large undertaking. Not only do we have four generations of family living under one roof, we have two dogs that take great pride in contributing to the mess in our home. BLACK+DECKER decided to make life while cleaning, a little easier for this holiday season and sent us their fabulous 20V Max* Pivot Vac and perfectly sized 2-in-1 Steam Mop. So lets get cleaning shall we?

Meet Garth and Shelby. They are the biggest loves in the world but the bull mastiff especially, creates the biggest mess of all.

Garth, the bull mastiff, eats three times a day and our floor in the kitchen is disgusting, three times a day.Between the food on the floor, the dirt from his feed and the water he slobers all over the place, it gets messy quickly. You can’t help but vacuum and mop a couple times a day with a guy who looks like this after he eats . We love him though!

cleaning for the holidays with blackdecker2

When people come to our home, they usually expect to see some kind of a mess but when guests are arriving for a dinner or party, we need to tidy up a bit. No lie, this is what our kitchen floor looks like on a daily basis after the dogs eat. The hand vac is absolutely perfect for cleaning up quick messes. Did you know that the pivot/hand vac has Lithium Technology for strong suction and fade free power? It also has a nozzle that pivots up high and low to assist in cleaning tight spaces.

4gens1roof cleaning for the holidays with blackdecker after2
One of the features that I like best is that it has a 3stage filtration system that offers the highest level of filtration and this helps prevent clogs and improve air exhaust. I actually used this hand vac for about 30 minutes prior to clean out my car and the suction power was still at 100% when I came inside to clean up the dogs area in kitchen. For any of you that have had hand vacs that die quickly, you will love this feature!

We have a fenced yard so the dogs come and go as they please from outdoors. We have two giant oak trees as well as two large maples and all they do is dump leaves on the ground. Fall clean up is another large undertaking here at our home. This is what gets tracked in to our home all day long. Trust me, we clean this up on a regular basis but for those of you who live in New England, you know the pain of falling leaves!

cleaning for the holidays with blackdecker7

As you can imagine, this guy tracks in mud and leaves on a regular basis. If you have a pet, you know exactly what I am talking about.

cleaning for the holidays with blackdecker3

His feet are huge and the mess you see above is no exaggeration. In fact, this is not that bad. The steam mop is a perfect size and fits nicely in a nearby closet. It worked great on our kitchen floor. You can also use it on sealed hardwoods as well. This 2 in 1 steam mop cleans by only using water. It kills 99% of germs using water only and I love the idea that I don’t have to spread chemicals on the floor where my pet eats. It also has a removable hand held steam cleaner for cleaning counters, bathrooms, cooking surfaces. The indicator light tells you when the steam option is ready and that’s it. Super easy to assemble and super easy to use.

4gens1roof cleaning for the holidays with blackdecker after3

4gens1roof cleaning for the holidays with blackdecker after4

Garth always eats, makes a mess and lies directly near his dish and cleans his feet. It never fails, he always watches as someone cleans up his mess. I know he is laughing inside ;).

cleaning for the holidays with blackdecker4

The removable microfiber cloth can be washed in the washing machine as well.

cleaning for the holidays with blackdecker5

Once I finished cleaning the area, I washed the dishes and viola, we are ready for company!

4gens1roof cleaning for the holidays with blackdecker after5

Nice and clean, well at least until the pups eat again.

4gens1roof cleaning for the holidays with blackdecker after5

We would love the hear how this pivot vac and/or steam mop could help you in your cleaning endeavours. Do you have pets? I am sure you can relate to our story if you do! Keeping up with the daily grim that enters our home on a regular basis is a difficult task. I was thrilled to try out both of these products by BLACK+DECKER, they certainly made cleaning a bit more fun!

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