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Five Tips for Fall Cleanup

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Instead of sweating it out the old-fashioned way, check out these helpful tips to keep your yard leaf-free this fall:

1. Whip out the ol' lawnmower.

"Mow" your yard with your lawnmower to churn those pesky leaves into handy mulch that you can actually use to nourish your garden beds. Or mow over the leaves a few times with the grass catcher off until they're reduced to tiny, dime-size pieces, and you can leave them in your lawn to function as mulch there instead.


2. Keep your grass short

Raking is much easier when your grass is nice and tidy. Cut it short and keep it that way during leaf-season, and raking will be a piece of cake.

3. Wait for dry weather to use your leaf-blower

Try to use your leaf-blower in damp weather and you'll find it a frustrating, difficult job. If it rained yesterday, you're off the hook for dealing with leaves today! Wait until it's nice and dry out to blow leaves, and the job will be quick and easy.

4. Work smart with the right tools

Buy the right tools and you'll save yourself hours of work and frustration. Opt for a powerful leaf-blower like LSWV36 to get the job done in no time!




We love this model because it includes a vacuum function, so you can either blow the leaves to a better location, or suck them up and dispose of them separately.

5. Leaf Disposal 

  • And speaking of leaf disposal, don't forget to recycle those leaves when you're finished:
  • Toss them in your compost pile
  • Fill the bottoms of planter containers with tightly-packed leaves to save on potting soil
  • Mound them near delicate flowers to keep them warmer through the winter
  • Till them into the soil in your gardens for better quality soil.

What are your best tips for keeping your lawn leaf-free? What are your favorite tools for the job?