Fall Cleanup

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Fall Cleanup

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  1. Prune for protection
  2. Give hedges a final trim
  3. Treat your lawn to the works
  4. Leave no leaf behind

In many parts of the country, autumn is the best time for enjoying cooler weather and fall color. It is also time to get your lawn winterized and yard prepped for spring. Here's a handy checklist from our experts to get you started:

1. Prune for Protection

Remove dead or fragile limbs that can come crashing down on people or property during winter weather. To avoid the ladder, use a cordless pole saw to reach overhead branches. Then grab a chainsaw or power lopper to take on larger limbs.

Tip: the 20V MAX* cordless system lets you power a number of tools for great convenience and is perfect for larger yards where a cord may not reach.

2. Give Hedges a Final Trim

In late summer, trim down hedges and bushes one last time. They'll be tidier and under control when they green up in the spring. A cordless hedge trimmer will give you maximum maneuverability for tricky angles and cramped corners.

Tip: a trimmer with a saw blade at the end lets you cut larger branches.

3. Treat Your Lawn to the Works

Taking a fall weekend to winterize your lawn will not only save you time in the spring, it will also maximize the health of your grass throughout the year.
  1. Give your lawn a good rake to remove leaves, thatch, and other debris.
  2. Mow your grass down to about 1.5 inches (but never remove more than 1/3 of your lawn's height at once). A mower like this 60V MAX* model makes adjusting cutting height quick and easy.
  3. Aerate using a manual or power aerator to open up the soil to water, nutrients, and air.
  4. Apply compost or a natural fertilizer according to your grass type, watershed, and soil.
  5. Overseed, and apply a top dressing of compost if needed, then water generously. You'll want to water several times per day until the new grass germinates, then at least once per day.
  6. Mow and stow. When your new lawn reaches about three inches, mow one last time, and put your mower away for the winter. (Be sure to store the battery away from temperature extremes).
4. Leave No Leaf Behind

Unraked leaves can suffocate and kill grass, and heavy, clogged gutters are easily damaged in rain and snow. A gutter cleaning tool that attaches to the blower you already own makes it easy to reach and clear out leaves without a ladder.

For leaves in your garage and patio area, skip the broom, and opt for a power sweeper to save time. It will clean thoroughly and make it easy to get behind objects and into corners. Some blowers and sweepers can be used on both grassy areas and hard surfaces for great visibility and speedy results.

Save even more time and effort by using our leaf collection system to vacuum leaves directly into a container. It works with any of our outdoor blower/vacs. Simply attach the shroud over any outdoor trashcan and vacuum leaf piles right into the bin.

For the ultimate in convenience, there's nothing like a complete 3in1 blower, vacuum, and mulcher. Blow leaves into piles first, or just vacuum and mulch them right into a handy collection bag as you go. Mulching reduces leaf volume dramatically and renders leaves ready for composting (and feeding next year's lawn).