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Guests are set to arrive next weekend. If as you change the sheets on the space bed you notice that your home is looking a little less than company-ready, consider these last-minute touch-ups.

Character in a can

Paint can quickly refresh a wide variety of surfaces. Roll a coat of color onto walls to visually recharge rooms in an afternoon and for little investment. Complete the task in half the time with an automatic roller, such as the BLACK + DECKER Pivoting RapidRoller, which stores and dispenses paint from the long handle, eliminating the need for a messy paint tray. Perk up trim with paint, too, and don’t forget to paint ceilings: A fresh coat of clean white brightens and enhances spaciousness. Or, opt for deeper hues to promote coziness.

While you may not have time or budget to lay new flooring, you can paint several types of flooring, such as wood, vinyl, and even laminate. Go for a solid coat of color or create a design using painter’s tape or stencils. (No time for new floors? Freshen your existing wood, tile, or stone floors using a steam cleaner. The BLACK+DECKER  2-in-1 Steam Mop cleans and shines floors without chemicals.)

Paint can remake tired furnishings as well, such as tables, chairs, armoires, and more. Use a single paint color to unify the look of disparate pieces, such as a selection of flea market dining chairs. Use a neutral for an air of tranquility or employ an entire palette of color to set a whimsical mood.

Paint kitchen and bathroom cabinetry to camouflage dated golden oak or dulled or chipped finishes. In the kitchen, create instant display shelves by taking off a few cabinet doors, and painting the back of the cabinet a complementary hue that sets off your treasures.

Another option for redoing wood furniture or cabinets is gel stains, which come in rich tones, such as espresso. These full-bodied stains contain urethane, which lets you apply them over existing stains and paints. Clean the surfaces first with a solution of water and denatured alcohol, and then rough up the existing finish with a hand pad designed for scuffing. Apply the gel with a foam brush and wipe off the excess.

Fashionable in a flash

Switch outdated features in your kitchen and bathroom for refreshed style. Install a new sink faucet or opt for an updated lighting fixture—a novice do-it-yourselfer can accomplish either project in just a few hours. Change a light fixture out even faster with a pendent kit that simple screws into the socket of an existing recessed fixture. Simple!

Cabinet knobs and pulls are easy to change as well. Be sure to select same-size pulls. To ensure correct measurements, remove an old pull and take it to the home improvement store with you.

(The 20V MAX* Matrix Power Unit Drill/Driver and Oscillating attachment can make quick work of installation and removal products in every room you’re trying to refresh.)

Quick-change color

Give every room renewed personality and a fresh color scheme using accessories you can easily change with the seasons or for special occasions. Start with neutral walls and furnishings, and then add character-builders such as:

  • Decorative throw pillows
  • Framed artwork
  • Architectural salvage
  • Slipcovers
  • Window treatments
  • Area rugs
  • Fresh bedding
  • New towels
  • Fabric shower curtains