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Create a Christmas Mantel Sign

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When one of my co-workers was cleaning out his office, he had a TON of old DVDs he was throwing out. Being the hoarder that I am, I thought I’d save them and maybe find a project to use them for one day.

Well that day has arrived!

Here’s what I used to make it!:

-9 CDs or DVDs
-scrapbook paper
-black permanent marker
-foam brush
-red string
-red permanent marker
-baseboard molding
-tape measure
-safety glasses
-circular saw
-carpet tacks or wire nails

The hardest part is picking out what scrapbook paper to use! These are the ones I took home.

First step is to trace the CDs onto the scrapbook paper. I turned the paper upside down and traced on the back so it wouldn’t leave pen marks on the pretty side. You’ll need 18 circles total, one for each side of each CD.

If you buy the 12×12 sheets of paper, you can get 4 circles out of it. You can only get 2 circles out of an 8.5×11 sheet. (Something to think about when you’re at the craft store.)

Once they’re all traced, it’s time for the tedious task of cutting them all out. I tried to cut right on or just inside the line.

Then I got out my computer to create “Christmas”. I decided to use size 340 in the Curlz font and printed it on 2 sheets of paper.

I used the same technique I used to Make a Fall Monogram Wreath to transfer letters onto 9 circles.

Using a pencil, scribble on the back of the letter, making sure to cover all edges that will later be traced.

Cut around each letter to make them easier to work with.

Now you’ll want to figure out what order you want your scrapbook paper to go in. I alternated between green and red patterns.

Match up the letters with their paper pattern. Then center the letter on the paper, paying attention to what direction you want the pattern of the paper to go.

Hold them in place as you trace around the letter with a pen. I found a pen has a better transfer than a pencil.

You should be able to faintly see the transfer of the pencil on the back of the paper where you traced with the pen on the scrapbook paper.

I retraced it right on the circle with the pen while the letter was “fresh” in my mind.

Then I followed that with the black permanent marker.

This is all because I’m not good at free-handing anything of consequence. If you are, then by all means skip the previous few steps! The other option is to cut out the letters and glue them on, but I thought it was easier and less messy to use my go-to transfer method.

With all of the letters traced and traced again onto their circles, it’s time to glue the circles to the CDs. I used some Mod Podge I had on hand, but regular school glue should work as well. Apply using a foam brush to avoid the paper bubbling as much as possible.

I found it easier to turn the letter upside down and set the CD with glue on top. That way you can line it up and make sure it’s centered on the paper. Then flip it over and smooth out any bubbles in the paper.

I did all of the “fronts” of the CDs, aka the side with the letters, first. While they were drying, I cut 9 strings at 7 inches long.

To attach the string and the back side paper, I spread more glue wit the foam brush, folded the string in half, set it in place.

Check that the string is at the top of the letter on the front. Before placing the matching circle on top, add another drop of glue on top of the string. And check the direction of the pattern of your circle.

I set mine under my Christmas-scented candle to keep pressure on the string while the glue dried.

Then I headed outside to the shop to create the base for the CDs to hang from. I used a piece of scrap base board since it’s small and flat. I cut it to 52 inches using my BLACK+DECKER Matrix with circular saw attachment.

Since I had a pre-primed piece of lumber, I didn’t need to sand before painting. To paint, I used leftover paint from painting my mantel. That way it would blend in once the finished project was in place on the mantel.

Pay special attention to painting the thicker edge of the molding since this is where the nails will go late.

Once it dried, I measured and marked every 5 3/8 inches on the thicker edge.

Then I hammered in the carpet tacks/wire nails on each mark, centering them vertically.

By this time the glue on the CDs should be dry. I added a little extra Christmas-ness by coloring the edge of the CD with a red permanent marker.

Whoop! Now you’re ready to hang it up! I like to cover my base board with fresh garland to help it blend in.

I like how it fills in the white on the face of the mantel and makes it more Christmasy!

Hope it makes your home a little more cheery this season! Merry Christmas!

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