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Keep Your Home Clean and Organized During the School Year

Moms and dads, the kids are well into their fall semester and whether they are just starting out at the elementary level or finishing up high school, a helpful ritual for any parent is to stay organized and clean during the school year. Here are a few cleaning and organizing tips I’ve learned over the years that help the year flow smoothly.

1. Clean and Dust. Shelves, desks, and storage units can all use a regular good cleaning. Wiping away dust and eliminating clutter clears the mind and keeps the home ready for a successful year of study. Helpful tools such as the 20V MAX* Pivot Hand Vac clean multiple surfaces quickly and easily and set the stage for an organized and efficient household.


2. Establish a Study Zone.  Having a study space in place where your child can turn to each weekday fosters good study habits and encourages academic success. If you have the luxury of extra space around the home such as a loft or extra room, set up a desk complete with school supplies for quiet hours to complete homework. If square footage is small, no worries, study zones can also be created any place where a chair can be pulled up to a horizontal surface. A caddy filled with pens and pencils placed on a dining room table or kitchen island works just as well as a separate desk space. 

3. Recycle Supplies. Resist the urge to purchase all new materials year after year. If that backpack, pencil case, and lunchbox are still holding up, make them last several semesters. Pull out the leftover pencils, markers, erasers, scissors, and glue sticks that can still be used to solve equations and write essays, supplement with new supplies and send them back to the classroom.



4. Manage Paperwork.  Completed homework assignments and art projects pile up quickly when they’re sent home each week. Have a strategy in place to toss the unimportant and save the treasured or noteworthy. Canvas bins or even simple boxes work for storage indoors, but also consider the garage as an extra space for storing paperwork, the 2 Drawer 1 Door Base Cabinet can contain all of your kids’ gold stars and recognitions.



5. Equip Your Home.  Kids’ backpacks take a beating on the way to and from campus, so keep important documents from multiplication charts to the table of elements protected for repeated use with a Flash Thermal Laminator. The benefits of an organized home office and homework space last throughout the year, saving time and reducing stress when equipment is available and in the right place.  

A successful school year stems from efforts made in the beginning to stay organized and on top of paperwork and assignments. Good luck to all the eager young minds as they make their way from grade to grade, continue to learn and grow in 2014!