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Choosing a Combo Kit

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Choosing a Combo Kit

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Walking the aisles of your favorite home improvement center may be overwhelming at times. BLACK+DECKER kits can simplify the shopping experience. To help you decide what you need, here are a few reasons and applications where power tool combo kits and tool sets can be a great option.

Choosing a Combo Kit

1.       Economy

Purchasing several items in a combo kit is less expensive than buying the same items separately.  Plus, you know you’re getting the right size accessory for the right tool, so there are no issues when you get home.


2.       Versatility

Combo kits can give you more than a box of tools. The BLACK+DECKER GoPak™ 4-Tool Combo Kit comes with a 2in1 battery that features a USB outlet for charging mobile devices. Not only does this tool set give you a drill, jigsaw, sander, and flashlight for DIY projects, but you also get ample portable power for your USB-powered device whether you're out in the garage, on the road, or at the beach.


3.       Instant storage

The downside of building up your tool collection is often storage, and nothing invites procrastination like a disorganized workspace. Tool sets often include a custom storage solution. Case in point, this 12V MAX* Cordless Lithium Drill/Driver Project Kit includes a rugged bag for portability and storage.


4.       Shared power

Some combo kits are created around a shared power system – like the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* family of tools. With these kits, you can buy many different tools and run them all off one universal battery. This not only saves money, it’s a huge space-saver vs. buying individual tools, each with its own battery pack to charge.  (You can also solve the duplicate battery problem by buying the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* bare tools.)

5.       Failsafe gift giving

Combo kits are a no-brainer at gift-giving time – and for good reason. They are a thoughtful and uber-practical way to celebrate life transitions  like a new home, a new baby (and all the babyproofing projects), or a graduation.  Kits ensure the recipient has everything they need without a trip to the store.


6.       Tool combos simplify heavy-duty projects

Have a big project coming up? Kits that have multiple power tools, like this handy drill/driver, circular saw combo, are smart when you will be tackling something like building shelves, or repairing fences or drywall. This money-saving cordless combo gives you just about everything you’d need for a good-sized project, even a work light.

7.       Accessories speed lighter-duty applications

For a less involved project, you may not need every power tool on the planet, but you will be glad to have a variety of accessories and complementary hand tools to get the job done quicker. These sets often incorporate items you might easily forget otherwise, because they are assembled with common tasks in mind.  These 68-piece and 56-piece kits are great examples. They not only give you bits, tools, power, and storage for the included drill, they also include all the basic hand tools you’re likely to reach for when you’re completing a project – from pliers to a tape measure. Again, a comprehensive kit like this will save you multiple trips back to the store – and some cash.