Calories Burned While Cleaning

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Calories Burned While Cleaning

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Need a motivator to do a little more housework? Trimming down means cutting about 300 to 500 calories from your diet each day and ramping up your activity to create what health experts call a "calorie deficit." While every person's body naturally responds a little differently, being more active in the cleaning department can certainly help out.

NOTE: The following calorie counts are based on the average American woman (for the lower numbers) and the average American man (for the higher numbers) and may vary depending on your diet, exercise and body type.

How to Burn Calories While Cleaning

Washing Dishes


Start with a classic: the familiar chore of standing and doing dishes. Cleaning dishes for just 15 minutes may burn up to 25 to 29 calories.



Break out your BLACK+DECKER SMARTECH™ Cordless Lithium 2-IN-1 Stick Vacuum for the next step in your cleaning workout. A 15-minute vacuuming session can burn up to 47 to 55 calories and leave your floors and carpets extra clean. Melt away a few more calories by using the hand-vacuum attachment to vacuum the curtains and upholstery.



Now that your floors are dirt-free, it's time to burn more calories as you steam and shine them up with the BLACK+DECKER 10-n-1 Steam-Mop ™ with Fresh Scent.  It's safe for your tile, stone and sealed hardwood floors, and uses the power of steam to clean up while releasing a fresh lemon scent. Just like vacuuming, steaming your floors helps burn up to 47 to 55 calories per 15 minutes.



Take your calorie-burning cleaning routine outside and leave no corner untouched by sweeping your garage, patio or walkways with a BLACK+DECKER Angle Broom. A 30-minute sweeping session in these bigger spaces can burn up to 113 to 133 calories.

Scrubbing the Shower


As you might expect, bigger cleaning jobs make for more of a workout and more calories burned. When you want to get detail-oriented and scrub those tiled corners and grout lines, your BLACK+DECKER Steam Shot grout brush can help you burn up to 53 to 62 calories per 15 minutes.

Washing the Car


Your calorie-burning cleaning doesn't have to be limited to the house. Grab an easy-access BLACK+DECKER Rectangular Bucket and wash, scrub, rinse and shine your car. If you spend one hour cleaning your car, you can burn up to 151 to 177 calories.

Picking Up


Once everything is fresh, shiny and clean, take some time to put things away and organize your house. In a 30-minute session of picking up, organizing, taking out the trash and changing the linens, you can burn up to 56 to 66 calories.

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