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The Problem

If you have ever used a traditional drill with a mechanical clutch, you know these drills can be confusing and difficult to control. They leave the DIY-er frustrated when working on projects that should be (and ARE) easy! A mechanical clutch (like a manual transmission in a car) needs to be set. This takes trial and error and can cause damaged work.

The Solution

AutoSense Technology. The new BLACK+DECKER drill features an automatic clutch that allows for more accuracy than a mechanical clutch. (Three times more accurate to be exact!**) This new 20V MAX* Drill/Driver with AutoSense Technology eliminates the frustration caused by a mechanical drill. Baffled that this technology didn’t already exist?Us too.

How it works

The 20V MAX* Lithium Cordless Drill with AutoSense has two modes, drill and drive. Bear with us here for the nitty-gritty details. In drive mode, a microprocessor continuously measures the tool’s performance. As the screw enters the material there is a rapid change in its torque profile. The microprocessor analyzes the rate of change and stops most screws flush with the material within three milliseconds. To countersink screws, the tool provides depth control for micro adjustments. In drill mode, the combined power of the 20V MAX* battery and the drill’s 0-800 RPM motor provide the performance necessary for the quick completion of any homeowner application.

Everyday tasks, easier

1) Wall hangings – When working with a delicate material like drywall, the AutoSense makes it easy to stop screws flush with the surface without overdriving. Whether you’re hanging a picture, hanging curtains, installing shelves, or replacing a light switch cover, the AutoSense is perfect when working with any delicate material.

2) Assembling furniture – The frustration of buying new furniture and needing to assemble it when you get home can be alleviated slightly with the help of the AutoSense. The delicate pieces and parts can be installed without having to worry about stripping the material or screw, allowing you to enjoy your new purchase even sooner.


3) Putting together toys – Who hasn’t needed to set up a playhouse, bicycle, or other toy the night before Christmas or your kid’s birthday? The AutoSense is a great tool to use for the project, ensuring that the toy is left unscathed and ready on time the next day (or later that morning).


Things around the house are always in need of repair and a homeowner’s job is never done. The AutoSense is a handy tool to have around the house, not only for the projects mentioned above, but also for any general drilling. Take a closer look at it at www.blackanddecker.com/autosense.

*Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18.

**3” deck screw into pressure treated pine using LDX120C vs. BDCDE120C. See www.blackanddecker.com/autosense for more details.