Get Your Home Back in Order

Seasonal DIY Projects

Get Your Home Back in Order

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After all the holiday action, your home may still be feeling the chaos. Don’t let it bring you down. Instead, check out our ingenious ideas for eliminating clutter, saving time, and reducing stress throughout 2018. Here are five easy projects we absolutely love because they reward you every day.

Create a Pullout Pantry

You won’t believe how easy it is to transform a small walk-in or broom closet into a sleek, magazine-worthy storage space with slide out drawers. Our step-by-step instructions will get you there in no time!

Maximize Under-Sink Storage

Rummaging around for dish soap under the kitchen sink is no way to spend the new year. Instead, install these tidy glide-out drawers to keep all your supplies visible, orderly and accessible. Plus, you can get it done in an afternoon.

Simplify Kids' Chores

Even your youngest family members can help with household jobs when you have the right tools and the right scheduling strategy to spread the work throughout the week.

Build a Brilliant Laundry Organizer

How many times will you do laundry in 2018? This easy-to-build storage station will lighten every load by keeping supplies within reach and clutter at bay. It even gives you a space-saving place to hang-dry delicate items. 

Construct a Chalkboard Menu Board

Perfect for menus, reminders, to-do lists and more – this beautiful DIY message station will cut down on lost keys and forgotten lunches all year long.