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15 Cleaning Spots You Might Miss

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    No matter how often you clean your home, there are always a few spots that get overlooked. Some are hard to reach. Others are simply out of sight. But if you really want your place to shine, hit the places on this list. We’ll even recommend a few products to make it easy.

  1. Inside + under the dryer: The dryer lint trap is often overlooked, but it can become a fire hazard if ignored. Empty the lint catcher and clear debris that gets caught beneath it.  For a quick and easy fix, purchase a vacuum cleaner attachment designed for lint trap cleaning.

  2. Behind the toilet: The toilet bowl isn’t the only place in your bathroom that needs some serious sanitizing. That hard-to-reach spot behind the toilet has probably been forgotten for too long. The Scumbuster® Pro features a 3in1 extension handle, making it easy to clean the mess without going face to face with it.

  3. Under the bed: Whether you have children, pets, or it’s just you, the space under your bed has probably become a real mess. Pull everything out from under there and sort the treasures from the trash. Use a powerful, low-profile vacuum like our POWERSERIES™ PRO 2in1 to reach under the bed and get it clean. Organize under-the-bed storage with containers or vacuum-sealed bags.

  4. The back of the closet: Dust collects on walls, shelves, floors, and in the corners, and it rubs off on your clean clothes. When vacuuming your room, use extension attachments to clean every corner of the closet. If you’re using a POWERSERIES™ PRO 2in1, detach the canister to make cleaning hard-to-reach areas easy.

  5. Picture frames: Make your pictures pop with a fresh dusting. Clean each frame’s glass, and don’t forget to dust along the top and inside edges of the frame. Put this task on your monthly list to keep your photos and art looking their best.

  6. Window sill + screen: Dust, bugs, and paint chips collect around window sills. Take a few minutes to vacuum the sill, as well as inner and outer ledges. Cleaning window screens can take a bit of work, but you will see fantastic results and be surprised at how much dirt has been clouding your view.

  7. Upholstery + drapes: Just because you don’t see stains on your upholstery doesn’t mean it’s clean. Clean your sofa and drapes as regularly as you wash bed linens. The handheld attachment on our 2in1 Steam Mop makes it easy. Not only will using steam clean and sanitize your upholstery and curtains, it also helps remove wrinkles.

  8. Under the refrigerator: Spilled drinks and bits of food attract bugs, and over time it all begins to stain and discolor your floors. Use our 2in1 Steam-Mop™ to lift the grime and avoid scrubbing those dingy spaces.

  9. Cabinets under sinks: Cabinets under sinks can collect moisture and should be inspected and cleaned regularly. It’s a great way to spot a small leak before it causes major damage. Once it’s clean, organize items stored under your sinks so you can always find what you need.

  10. Sink + shower drains: While you may clean sinks and showers regularly, drains often get overlooked until it’s too late. Rather than waiting for a clog to form, make it a habit to lightly snake drains every 6-9 months.

  11. Inside the oven: If it smells like burnt food every time the oven is turned on, cleaning your oven can’t wait any longer. Make the job easier with our Grimebuster™ Pro. It’s perfect for powering through messes baked onto appliance surfaces.

  12. Along the walls + doorknobs: Kids and pets often leave traces of their outdoor adventures along walls and on door knobs.  Use a wet rag with a little cleaner to clean one wall and you’ll often discover that you’ll need to clean the other walls to match.

  13. Atop Light fixtures: Don’t forget to dust light shades on lamps and hanging fixtures from time to time. Cleaning them will help your room feel brighter, and it will prevent a flurry of dust when you turn on the ceiling fan.

  14. Sliding door tracks: Just like window sills, the bottom track of sliding doors traps bugs, dirt, and other debris. Vacuum the track, then wipe it clean with a dust rag. Keeping tracks maintained helps ensure smooth, silent sliding.

  15. Your car: Automatic car washes make it easy to keep the exterior clean and shiny, but the interior is often neglected. Minimize the chore by cleaning messes as you go. Keep our Quick Clean 12V Car Vacuum handy in your vehicle to pick up crumbs and dust as they start to build up.