10 Common Holiday Messes and How to Clean Them

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10 Common Holiday Messes and How to Clean Them

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With all the fun, feasting and visitors arriving this time of year, the holidays bring a lot of cleanup challenges.

Whether you are getting ready for a party or cleaning up afterward, here are some smart ways to minimize cleaning time and effort – so everyone can feel a little more joyful.

How to Clean Holiday Messes

Crusty Cooktops

Holiday meals and baking projects generate hard-to-remove gunk on kitchen surfaces.  A fast and powerful way to keep counters, appliances, and floors gleaming is our 10-n-1 Steam-Mop™. The removable hand held steam cleaner makes quick work of baked-on stove messes and so much more.

Drink drops

Festive drinks are an important part of the holidays. It's inevitable that a few will hit the floor. Clean up the liquid mess before it stains with our Wet/Dry Vacuum.Wet Dry Vacuum

Never-Ending Needles

Fresh holiday trees look and smell wonderful, but they also shed. Keep a slim, discreet Lithium 2-IN-1 Stick + Hand Vacuum with SMARTECH tucked in the corner, and you can pick up needles any time without dragging out your full-size vacuum.

Sweet Debris

Cookie sprinkles, powdered sugar clouds, and other festive messes happen when you bake with the kids. You will love how our 2-IN-1 Stick + Hand Vacuum with SMARTECH makes cleanup so quick and easy (even the kids can help). Clean the floor in seconds, then just remove the hand vacuum to clean counters, nooks and crannies.


Packed around holiday packages, protecting fragile ornaments, and encasing new toys and gifts – Styrofoam gets everywhere during the holidays. Clean up all the clingy bits with the stylish Compact Lithium Hand Vacuum in festive red.


When the kids are done tearing open their gifts, recycle the paper, and grab a Lithium Hand Vacuum for the little bits leftover. That way, when the gift-giving is done, so is the cleaning.

The Gravy Factor

From bacon fat on the backsplash to cranberry handprints on the wall – you’ll swear by your 10-n-1 Steam-Mop™ and its removable hand held steamer for the worst of greasy, sticky messes.


Snowboot Central

Wintery weather often brings snow, dirt, road salt and more through your doorway. Our Lithium-powered Wet/Dry vacuums make entryway cleanup surprisingly easy. You’ll wonder how you survived winter without one.


May your holidays be bright and your cleaning be light — from your friends at BLACK+DECKER.